With a vision to become the world’s #1 IoT Development Company, we work hard to come up with customized, state-of-the-art, robust and innovative solutions for our clients. At RPAi, we provide cradle to grave IoT development services.

Our services include:
IoT Software Architecture
IoT Firmware Integration
Sensor Integration
IoT Database Solutions
Edge Computing
Custom IoT Platform Development

Our team members who have extensive knowledge in their respective fields follow a proprietary agile development for IoT that designs a roadmap for the product, right from the concept to its launch, thereby, ensuring excellence in mobile, web and IoT firmware implementations.

Business Benefits of IoT


Enhanced Asset Utilization

IoT will improve tracking of assets using sensors and connectivity, which helps organizations benefit from real-time insights.


Increase Productivity

IoT offers just-in-time training for employees, improve labour efficiency, and reduce mismatch of skills while increasing organizational productivity.


Improved Security

IoT services integrated with sensors and video cameras help monitor the workplace to ensure equipment safety.


Cost Saving

The improved asset utilization, productivity, and process efficiencies can save your expenditures hence helping in cost-cutting.

IoT Services


IoT consulting

Our simplified approach and tailor-made IoT apps empower businesses with improved methodology in their journey.


IoT App Development

Building feasible real-world applications, we have significant hands-on-experience in creating enterprises IoT solutions.


IoT Analytics

The high-quality IoT analysis helps to extract valuable information to get business insights and produce real-time insights.

How can IOT help?

Our IoT solutions power innovations in manufacturing giving you the much-needed competitive edge. It transforms your existing manufacturing landscape to a connected and intelligent ecosystem that drives productivity and guarantees resource optimization. 1. Remote asset tracking 2. Condition monitoring 3. Granular operational analytics 4. Predictive asset maintenance

Integrated healthcare is fundamental to improving the quality of care and treatment outcomes. Our IoT-driven applications target a wide range of healthcare concerns. They provide an efficient means for patient monitoring, fitness tracking, disease prevention, as well as patient-centric care. 1. Remote health monitoring 2. Automated data flow from device to analytics 3. Medical diagnosis with image recognition 4. Wearables for fitness tracking

We build IoT solutions for real-time monitoring to predictive maintenance of industrial assets such as turbines, generators, and cooling towers. Being cloud-based, our solution allows you to manage multiple power generation sites through a single dashboard. 1. Electrical asset monitoring 2. Fault detection 3. Remote infrastructure maintenance 4. Power outage prediction

IOT is helping to improve the quality of work in the retail industry with their efficient applications that helps this industry to smoothly execute different functions. Our IoT-driven applications target a wide range of retail operations. They provide an efficient means for store analysis, stock tracking etc. 1. In-store analysis 2. Smart mirrors for interactive item search 3. Proximity marketing using beacons 4. Product movement tracking with RFID tags 5. Smart shelves to detect inventory status