Banking & Financial Services

We at RPAi help the banking sector transform its financial services with state-of-the-art technology for improved efficiency, greater transparency and reduced response time with a better customer experience.

Our end-to-end fintech software development services include:

1. Custom Fintech Application
2. Accounting Information Systems
3. AI-enabled Fintech Solutions
4. Intelligent CRM Solutions
5. Blockchain Development
6. Robotic Process Automation
7. IoT enabled Security Cameras
8. Wallet of Things


Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

We at RPAi help healthcare organizations and pharmaceuticals to improve patient outcomes, offer remote care and transform the medical workflows through automation. Our custom healthcare software development features data-driven decision making, automated clinical workflows and remote patient care.

Our end-to-end healthcare software development services include:

1. Telemedicine Software Development
2. Patient Engagement Solutions
3. Healthcare Predictive Analytics
4. IoT Healthcare Software
5. Medical Practice Management and Operations
6. Electronic Medical Records Software Development


Manufacturing and Logistics.

We at RPAi help logistics and supply chain companies leverage the power of latest technologies for improved real-time fleet management, streamline communications and better customer service. Our cradle-to-grave logistic solutions simplify your business processes and minimize operational challenges.

Our end-to-end logistic software development services include:

1. Logistics and Transportation Management
2. Logistics Order Management
3. Warehouse Management
4. Smart Supply Chain Solutions
5. Logistics Data Exchange
6. Reporting & BI


Telecom and IT

We at RPAi help the telecom industry leverage the power of technology to improve the communication facilities, both wired as well as non-wired. We hold expertise in integrating artificial intelligence to virtual assistants and chatbots; these tools can help telecom industries improve their customer services.

Our smart solutions for telecom industries include:
1. Virtual Assistants
2. Chatbots
3. RPA Deployment
4. Cloud Computing Models
5. Cyber Security and Resilience


Retail and Consumer Goods.

We at RPAi help retailers to enhance the shopping experience for their customers by offering them a personalised experience. Our automated solutions also help retailers revolutionize their business operations right from the manufacturing plant to the store shelf and through every step in between.

Our data-driven efficiencies supporting retail include:
1. Inventory accuracy and visibility
2. Predictive inventory and demand prediction
3. Supply chain optimization
4. Product traceability
5. Product authentication
6. In-store product placement optimization


Travel, Hospitality, and Transportation.

We at RPAi help travel industries implement AI and IoT into their business's processes to create a remarkable customer experience. Our smart travel solutions help travel companies understand customer behaviour better, improve operational efficiency and incorporate new revenue streams.

Our smart travel solution features:

1. Dynamic Pricing Solutions with Market Data
2. Sentiment analysis for feedback generation
3. Improved customer experience
4. Customer personalization and segmentation for customized deals



We at RPAi help insurance providers integrate emerging technology to simplify their day-to-day tasks while improving efficiency, customer experience and profitability. Our smart insurance software allows faster claim settlements, improved customer experience and finer behavioural policy pricing.

Our insurance software development services include:

1. Insurance Claims Management Solution
2. Insurance Document Management System
3. Insurance Quoting Software
4. Insurance Risk Management Solutions