At RPAi, our talented team focuses on building next-gen Machine Learning Solutions to embrace the real potential of digital transformation. Our tailor-made AI/ML solutions are capable of improving business efficiency.

RPAi is committed to helping its clients build, incorporate, utilize and implement competent AI & ML solutions to drive better outcomes for their businesses. Our AI & ML portfolio empowers small to big enterprises with intelligent features that eliminate human errors while optimizing the performance.

Machine Learning Platforms


Azure Machine Learning

With Azure Machine Learning, RPAi develops data-driven applications that can predict and change future outcomes in a good way.


Amazon Infrastructure

With Amazon Infrastructure, RPAi helps you control the power of its wizards and visualization tool to maintain our developed applications


Google Machine Learning

RPAi not only develops the applications but assists you in setting up your system to examine and predict the results efficiently.

Our approach towards Machine Learning Solutions


Deep Learning

We hold expertise in deep learning that helps build cognitive business technology frameworks. We dig deeper into complex data to present huge opportunities for your business.


Predictive Analytics

We use data, machine learning and statistical algorithms, to offer predictive analytics and help businesses assess what will happen in the future.


Machine Learning Programming

We transform raw data into clean, classified and clustered datasets to create actionable decision models and automate business processes.



We employ predictive modelling to improve business performance while minimizing the risk and boosting the revenue.


Neural Network Development

We hold expertise in using Neural Network Development to process big data sets with a huge number of variables.


Marketing Automation Solutions

We are expert in integrating machine learning programs with marketing automation and CRM applications to enhance the performance.

How can Machine Learning Help?

Technologies powered by Machine Learning capture, analyze, and use data to personalize the shopping experience in real-time. Algorithms discover similarities and differences in customer data to expedite and simplify segmentation for enhanced targeting. In fact, Machine Learning capabilities can present online shoppers with personalized product recommendations while adjusting pricing, coupons, and other incentives in real-time.

The automotive industry is taking steps to differentiate itself by leveraging Machine Learning capabilities and big data analytics to improve operations, marketing, and customer experience before, during, and after purchase. Predictive analytics lets manufacturers monitor and share vital information regarding the potential vehicle or part failures with dealerships, reducing customer maintenance costs. By identifying trends and patterns from large datasets on vehicle ownership, dealer networks can be optimized by location for accurate, real-time parts inventory and improved customer care.

Banks and other businesses in the financial industry use Machine Learning technology for two key purposes: to identify important insights in data, and to prevent fraud. The insights can identify investment opportunities, or help investors know when to trade. Data mining can also identify clients with high-risk profiles, or use cyber-surveillance to pinpoint warning signs of fraud.

Machine Learning has become an integral part of the operations of most oil and gas companies, allowing them to gather large volumes of information in real-time and translate data sets into actionable insights. They now need to view data as an extremely valuable resource, with huge upside for companies with innovative, robust Machine Learning strategies. Saving time, reducing costs, boosting efficiencies, and improving safety are all crucial outcomes that can be realized from using Machine Learning in oil and gas operations.