At RPAi, our talented team focuses on building next-gen AI and Machine Learning Solutions to embrace the real potential of digital transformation. Our tailor-made AI/ML solutions are capable of improving business efficiency.

RPAi is committed to helping its clients build, incorporate, utilize and implement competent AI & ML solutions to drive better outcomes for their businesses. Our AI & ML portfolio empowers small to big enterprises with intelligent features that eliminate human errors while optimizing the performance.

Business Benefits of AI Consulting


Understanding the Data

We evaluate the potential of your existing data, software infrastructure and technology to implement right AI technology.



We review the existing workflow and processes to determine if our AI solutions can bring efficiency to your business.


Quick Development - Pilot

We make experiments on a small scale to analyse the scope of improvement in the applied technologies for your AI ML projects.



After all approvals from the clients' side, our AI developers and designers launch the live system or project in your premises.

Our approach towards AI Solutions


Predictive Analysis

Our AI applications are capable of predicting customer behaviour and outcome to help business growth.


Machine Learning and Data Science

We hold expertise in developing self-learning algorithms to maximize accuracy and minimize errors.


NLP and Text Analysis

We hold expertise in employing Natural Language Processing to develop custom AI apps to perform customer-centric services.


Computer Vision

We help organizations to extract actionable insights from offline as well as live video frames and images.


Process Automation

We provide automated solutions that are capable of enhancing productivity, revolutionizing business processes while minimizing human intervention.


Voice-enabled Technology

We hold expertise in developing voice assistants that let users interact with business services and products over voice.

How can AI help?

RPAi helps banking sectors leverage the potential of AI, data analysis and predictive analysis to: 1. minimize fraudulent activities 2. plan budgets with smart financial apps 3. select better investment option through predictive analysis

With RPAi retail industry can employ the use of AI to: 1. predict customer behaviour 2. improve the efficiency of-instore processes 3. enable personalized recommendations for both owners as well as customers

RPAi helps implement AI in healthcare to: 1. provide personalised treatment 2. offer effective diagnosis 3. facilitate predictions based on data

RPAi implements the use of AI in supply chains and logistics to: 1. facilitate invoice processing 2. forecast accurate demand 3. enhance the customer experience 4. automate repetitive tasks

RPAi helps insurance providers effective use AI, machine learning, data science and chatbots to: 1. manage claims processing 2. improve user interactions with AI 3. enable customer-focused services

RPAi makes effective use of AI in order to help marketing and sales to: 1. Run customer-centric campaigns 2. Predict outcomes to improve lead generation 3. Recommend the next steps to be taken 4. Streamline data analysis