Extended Workbench models can work with any kind of development process and project model. They are particularly useful in an environment where clear-cut, single tasks with rather short timelines can easily be assigned to someone who can work on them, without too many dependencies on other tasks.

Extended Workbench means that we provide resources for your project.

This can be related to software architects and designers, developers, quality assurance experts, project managers or consultants.

All that we have to know is the kind of skill and the level of seniority you are looking for. We are then able to offer you either single resources or even a complete team, which will be dedicated exclusively to your project.

We will give you the right people to work with – using them efficiently for your project and organization is up to you.

This implies that your project manager defines the tasks and activities, assigns them to your and our people and supervises what they are doing.

To put it simply: you will work with our resources in the same way you would work with your own employees, just that they are located on our premises and not yours.

Business Benefits of Extended Work Bench

We continuously evaluate our employees and the people we hire. All our knowledge is at your reach.

We can provide tailor-made solutions for your project, so you get the right people for the right period of time – whatever you need just when you need it.

You run the project according to your standards and methods, and our resources will adapt accordingly – so you don’t have to change the way you normally do things.